Sweet epiphanies

The group show “Sweet epiphanies” curated by Caterina Fondelli, features the artists Martina Bruni, Livia Carpineto, Fulvia Monguzzi, Carolina Pozzi and Xueqing Zhu, and stems from the art residency spent at the C.F. Contemporary Fire venue last September 2022. The artworks, specifically created during the residency period, present common intentions, visions, languages and atmospheres, already underlined in the curatorial selection phase and highlighted through sharing moments and exchanges.

In the same manner as the need to use the cognitive power of the mind in different ways emerges in everyday life, without having as ultimate goal the finding of a final solution, but rather the arousing of extemporaneous and original manifestations, so it happens with the “sweet epiphanies” mentioned in the title within the maze of dialogues in this exhibition. The female artists seem to implement what is known as divergent or lateral thinking, pivotal in creativity, or better the ability to take multiple points of view into account, welcoming the flow and flexibility of ideas, resisting the ordinary in order to find alternatives. Thanks to this multidirectional approach, that captures the strength even from the moments in which attention is not focused, but it actually escapes by deviating from the usual paths, apparitions emerge and gradually take shape.

Thus begins the imaginative journey of "Sweet epiphanies", with delicate touches and whispered inspirations, leading to a timeless dimension in which concrete and abstract, reality and fantasy coexist, wrapped in a fog of infinite possibilities. Among the windows of small houses, which exude a playful spirit and at the same time a sense of warmth and distant roots; trees resembling human facial features; animals that expand in space by claiming it; creatures between the spectral and the ironic, the artists invite into the Wunderkammer which is nothing other than their mental home, for a non-judgmental, but osmotic and curiosity-filled exploration.

Exhibition views