Martina Bruni

Portrait of Martina Bruni, Photo Margherita Nuti

Martina Bruni (1989, Cosenza. Lives and works in Milan, Italy), artist, professional psychotherapist. Martina Bruni practices an art that has multiple influences: her land of origin, place of traditions and ceremonies, melancholy, a legacy of a past of myths; her studies as a psychotherapist and activities dedicated to psychodrama; memory and everyday life that coexist. Alchemical literature, in the various texts in which it has stratified throughout history up to Jung, illuminates her creative process, reworking her own experience together with that of places and objects encountered in reality, in memories or in the dream experience. Nourished by an intense study activity, intended as an intimate and compromising exercise, Martina Bruni recognizes in each work the value of the symbol as the possibility of building a meaning. Through the technique of drawing, the artist suggests a commitment to self-discovery as the only path to see and welcome the other.She took part in exhibitions, projects and performances as: “Chiavi in prestito”, a cura di Francesco Paolo Del Re e Sabino de Nichilo, Casa Vuota, Roma (2022); “INFESTANTE”, Spazio Martín, Milan (2021); “Rovina”, Futuro Arcaico, Bari and Valona, Albania (2021); “Tableaux Vivants” for Luigi Presicce, Ex-Mattatoio, Rome (2021); “Noccioline”, Yellow Gallery, at the studio of Davide Serpetti, Tortoreto (2020); “Simposio di pittura”, Fondazione Lac O Le Mon, Lecce (2019).