The exhibition “STARING AT THE SUN”, a solo show dedicated to the artist Irem Yazici (1989, Turkey) and curated by Caterina Fondelli, arises from the period of art residency spent by the artist at the project venue of C.F. Contemporary Fire during October 2022. The show brings together artworks specifically created in the weeks of her stay, along with other works related to the theme that thus links the ensemble with a common narration.

The bond between human beings and the cosmo is one old centuries, yet contemporary and researched. Particularly, the Sun, star at the center of the Solar system, covers a pivotal scientific and symbolic role in the collective imagery. Quintessential bearer of energy, harmony, equilibrium, vitality, the Sun is “chased” and “adored” by living organisms, especially human specimens, who usually follow its rhythm to determine their daily activities since the mists of time.

Thriving a naturalistic intelligence means gaining an ability to deeply connect with non-human living beings and to appreciate the effect of this relationship on ourselves and the environment. A certain existential wisdom, also based on spiritual experiences, is required to develop this quality, and additionally what is known as ‘biophilia’, could be the fundamental physiological characteristic and psychic potential to build this particular kind of intelligence. If ‘Biophilia” is defined as "the innate tendency to focus our attention on life forms and everything that resembles them and, in some circumstances, to affiliate with them emotionally", so it is not so unusual that the art scene studies and tries to give a visual representation on the matter. 

Irem Yazici guides us in this exhibition through The and Her cosmo(s), with a delicate way and a millennial technique, remembering how much what is considered ancient is still contemporary nowadays.

Exhibition views