Irem Yazici

Portrait of Irem Yazici, Photo Daniele Dainelli

Irem Yazici (1989, Turkey. Lives and works in Eskisehir, Turkey) is a self-taught hand embroidery artist and has been exploring her practice since 2014. Her works mainly consist of surreal worlds and characters; to create her own realm gives her an opportunity to be comfortable with expressing her visions and daydreams. She searches for texture, pattern and colour, while creating these universes and experiments with traditional hand embroidery techniques to find her own artistic ways to use them. One of the keywords that describes her art the best is 'maximalist' as she does not like to limit herself with the techniques, materials and colors to create a wider field of exploration. Her practice is often inspired by unusual forms and textures of marine biologies such as microscopic sea creatures, often described as weird far from the human world, invisible, outcast and alien. Through her artworks, she embraces the excluded and the strange, to highlight the beauty within. She has a tutorial book called Tiny Stitches and she stitched the illustrations of a children’s book called Princess Pinecone and the Wee Royals. Her works featured on the platforms such as, Vice Creator’s Project and Vogue. She had collaborations with brands like Coach, Soludos and DMC.