2nd Residency

C.F. Contemporary Fire is pleased to announce the second residency period curated by Caterina Fondelli, which features the artists Flavia Dal Grande; Beatrice Gelmetti and Chiara Ressetta and takes place from August 27 to September 9, 2022.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, September 2022 will be dedicated to open studios days together with the artists, from 4 to 9 pm in Via Francesca sud, 115 in Poggio Tempesti, Cerreto Guidi, Florence, Italy.

It will be possible to discover the works resulting from the experience lived in the domestic context of the project venue and have a direct comparison with the authors, in order to investigate their poetics and researches in relation to the spaces that hosted them.

The residencies by C.F. Contemporary Fire revolves around the concept of honor systemtypical of British countries, in which mutual exchange and trust between individuals dictate the rules of social and community coexistence. The idea of ​​residences located in a place still inhabited by a family, stemmed from the intention of generating incessant exchanges and debates, both between people and also with the surrounding natural environment, rich in plant and animal specimens. The perpetual dialogue interwoven with the countless variables and guided together with the curator, will allow the interiorization of suggestions and ideas with the perspective of a creative flow that impacts the practice of the people involved on a long term.

All the residencies of summer 2022 will be characterized by a community life in small groups of artists, so that the concept of sharing is brought to a climax: influencing the artistic level; the daily one and by the environment, in full sustainability and in respect of each of these elements, creating an atmosphere devoted to achieving a state of harmony.

residency period