Do We Look Alike?

The exhibition “Do We Look Alike?” curated by Caterina Fondelli, features Flavia Dal Grande, Beatrice Gelmetti and Chiara Ressetta, and arises from the period of residence spent by the artists at the project venue of C.F. Contemporary Fire during the end of Summer 2022. The show brings together artworks specifically created in the weeks of their stay, along with other works related to the theme that thus links the visual representations of the three protagonists in an adventurous dialogue.

Given the intent and the deeply immersive character of the experience lived by the artists, in a peculiar landscape and wildlife context, the exhibition “Do We Look Alike?” is conceived to incessantly ask questions about anthropocentrism and the similarities between human individuals, animals and natural organisms. 

Human beings consider themselves, for most of the time, the masters of the Universe, a dominant species, which dictates, or so it appears to them, the flows of ecosystems and tames what is around to their will. Indeed, Man has been able to bring irreversible and catastrophic changes to the balance of the planet over the centuries; but by spending time outdoors, making sure that the movements of the stars and the variability of atmospheric phenomena define the rhythms of the creative process, we can realize how strong and predominant animal and natural species are.

It is no coincidence that Ethology, the science that applies methods of current use in all other biology fields to the behavior of animals and people, recalls how many inter-species similarities there are, therefore underlining a totally non-hierarchical vision among these. "Do We Look Alike?" leads on a path of discovery among the deeply gestural and emotional paintings and drawings of the artists, which often incorporate, on the same support, various types of animals, plant elements, people or their attributes. 

Apparitions, evanescent glazes, layered material surfaces, vivid colors, whirlwinds of visual multiplicity in which to get lost and then identify new subjects each time: these are the strong-willed characteristics of the works presented here, in a fascinating exhibition, at the same time devoted to a necessary and current existential reflection.

Exhibition views