Beatrice Gelmetti

Portrait of Beatrice Gelmetti, Photo Margherita Nuti

Beatrice Gelmetti (1991, Verona. Works in Mestre, Venice, Italy). After graduating in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2019, she continues her artistic research at Kadabra studio in Mestre, Italy. The aniconic and gestural approach alternating with figural elements is a dominant feature in her poetics. The great gestural interventions of pure color, the mold of rubbing of arms and sedimentations of color are the subjects of an almost contemplative study. These great trails tell stories, acting as a bridge between material and figurative reality, on this place of passage the interaction is supported by an affinity comparable to the approach among human characters, with an exploratory interest and an attempt to bring out the potential of the pictorial material and evoke a certain intimacy. In many works, a certain livability of the canvas is perceived through the dominant ecosystem on the surfaces of the larger formats, that looms and engulfs us as in the observation of a big landscape where trees, wide brushstrokes and gestures arise from the same soil. In their differences, all the composers of these images breathe the same air, causing the elements of the different perspective planes to meet and dialogue between the lines of these lyrical passages made of painting.

Gelmetti is a member of artist collective Fondazione Malutta, with whom she exhibited at Museo Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, Italy (2018); Monitor Gallery, Rome, Italy (2018) and Tulla Art Center, Tirana, Albania (2017), among the others. Her show participations include: “Chef comanda colore”, curated by No Title Gallery, Decanter Venice, Italy (2022); “Perché siamo come tronchi nella neve”, curated by Luca Zuccala and Andrea Tinterri, organized by Praevenus at Società Umanitaria, Chiostro dei glicini, Milan, Italy (2021); “Super Call”, curated by SuperGiovane in collaboration with Casa Testori, studio 4x4, Pietrasanta, Italy (2020). The artist is the winner of the fifth edition of We Art Open, curated by No Title Gallery, at GAD Giudecca Art District.