Portrait of IPER-collettivo, Photo Margherita Nuti

IPER-collettivo [(Marco Conti (1988, Prato); Giulia Landini (Prato, 1992); Lorenzo Romaniello (1988, Pistoia); Lorenzo Vacirca (1988, Prato)] is a multidisciplinary group of young professionals with different backgrounds, united by a passion for experimentation, creativity, sustainability, and interactive forms of expression. Their research investigates the relationship between the territory and its communities, aiming to express their visions through socially engaging projects: a material representation of the traditions and the evolving ways of living. Since its formation, the group has collaborated with local associations active in the area between Prato and Florence organizing co-planning and participatory design workshops. 

IPER-collettivo has taken part in several art and design open calls: in 2020 the tactical urbanism project called Res Publica was awarded the Honourable Mention at theTactical Urbanism NOW!competition organized by Terraviva Competition. In 2021 the installation Plastic Landscape Plastic Landscape was exhibited at the Countless Cities Art Biennale in Favara (AG). In the same year IPER-collettivo were selected amongst the winners of the open call for art residencies "Superblast" organized by NAM-Not A Museum in Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence. The residency led to the creation of the work Micromegàsuoni, la cui esperienza artistica è stata pubblicata nel libro “SUPERBLAST"by NERO EDITION (Rome, November 2021). In 2022 the group was shortlisted for the Lucca Biennale Cartasia” and selected to exhibit at BASE-Milano, part of the Fuorisalone events at the design week. IPER-collettivo holds a strong connection with local contemporary art realities, In March 2022, the installation Plastic W(e)ave organized by Accaventiquattro Arte was inaugurated at the BBS-pro exhibition space in Prato, and it is currently working on three separate exhibitions for the spring and summer 2022. The manifestoParkifying the Futureis currently part of the exhibit at the cultural space BARdaDino in Venice for the “Barahonda” art event. IPER-collettivo will take part with the work Plastic Textile to the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial Contextile in Guimaraes, in Portugal next September 2022.