Xueqing Zhu

Portrait of Xueqing Zhu, Photo Francesco Ronchi

Xueqing Zhu (1996, China. Lives and works in Venice, Italy) studied Painting from the Beijing University of Technology and is currently attending a Master in the same field at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. The artist adopts Chinese painting as a starting point, and over the years let herself be inspired by the twentieth century German and French Expressionism and the contemporary artist David Hockney; all artists who aim at moving and giving strength to people, as Xueqing Zhu herself tries to do. According to the artist, trying to find oneself in painting is not an easy task, it requires technical experience and sincerity. Each thoughtful attempt comes close to the unique self, and there are times when one moves away from that. Those are the moments in which the sincerity, which means respecting one's desires and the real world, is lacking: that is, finding one's essence in the truth of real things. These subtle dialogues and boundaries make the image stronger and more refined, so at the right moment it hits people's hearts and thoughts precisely. It is the meaning of a painting.

Among her participation in exhibitions: “yourself in my shoes”, Tube Culture Hall, Milan (2023); “Nelle selve non più belve”, Vulcano Agency and RAVE East Village Artist Residency, curated by Daniele Capra, Isabella and Tiziana Pers (2022); “Palazzo Monti Degree Show III”, Palazzo Monti, Brescia (2022); "Antares", final show and workshop Extraordinario with Vulcano Agency, Marghera, Venice (2020 e 2021); “Pensare in mezzo al lago”, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing (2019).