Livia Carpineto

Portrait of Livia Carpineto, Photo Margherita Nuti

Livia Giorgina Carpineto (1997, Rome, Italy. Lives and works in London, UK), graduated in Illustration from the Camberwell College of Arts UAL (2020) and in Visual Communication at The Royal College of Art (2022), London. Her work explores fleeting familiarities, assembling and deconstructing timeless, intimately symbolic images in subtly sibylline narrative compositions. It draws on a personal, but universally shareable, iconographic network, an intertwining of kitsch and prosaic aesthetics, literary allegories, secular and spiritual figurations, past and modern mythologies. The collective imagination is anything but static, made up of dialoguing, dynamic and malleable elements. Livia Carpineto's artistic practice searches for the subversive potential of visual constructions intended as devices of poetic, critical and social expression. Together with her editorial illustration work, she collaborates with galleries and cultural institutions on projects that explore historical, geographical and community contexts as: “New River Head”, Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, Londnj (2022); “Transcend”, Gallery 3, Margate (2021); “UAL Xhibit 2021” (2021); “Model Village”, Swiss Church, curated by Hot Desque, London (2020); “Climate Crisis: Speculative Futures”, Horniman Museum and Gardens, London (2020) and “South London Story Lab”, South London Gallery, London (2019), among others.