Fulvia Monguzzi

Portrait of Fulvia Monguzzi, Photo Margherita Nuti

Fulvia Monguzzi (Miss Goffetown. 1985, Desio. Lives and works in Milan, Italy) graduated in Sculpture from Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan in 2008, spending a period of study at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Las Palmas, Granada, Spain; she attended the Ŝtěpán Zavrel International School of Illustration in Sarmede, Treviso (2009 - 2011). Miss Goffetown's practice focuses on the need to move from the private to the collective dimension with its simple language, a painting where color determines the emotional orientation, while remaining neutral with respect to the socio-political context, giving space for gaze and thought to achieve something more fantastic. Painting is slow and needs space and time, and suffers for people who are unable to allow themselves the luxury of observation, contemplation and reflection. The reasoning is visual, a series of snapshots taken from perception construct an apparatus of thoughts that shape its manifesto, which is both ironic and dramatic at the same time. The gesture is impetuous and almost uncontrollable, but the rationality is in the constant and daily process, an artisan work of research, of production.

The artist is part of Spazio Martín, Milan and among her participation in shows and projects: “FANFARA”, Galera San Soda, Milan (2021); UAU Festival dell’Illustrazione, Bergamo (2019); “Graphic day figure di cose”, Galleria Moitre, Turi (2019); “Come Impiattare”, Galleria Lampo, Milan (2019).