L’Essenziale Studio Journal

Caterina Fondelli in conversation with Lise Stoufflet

Vol. 04 – September 2022

"I met Lise Stoufflet (1989, Châtenay-Malabry, France) in the afternoon of a very warm Parisian Spring. In her studio, Le Houloc, which she co-founded, almost a small oasis in a village on the outskirts of the capital, it seems that time has crystallized into a sort of universal dimension and alienating fairy tale. From the entrance, with a small and characteristic door, overlooking a shared courtyard invaded by flowers, plants and other artists gathered, and continuing inside, you discover a world of corridors and spaces until you reach the highest point. The attic is the casket of Lise's stories, through a privileged point of view on the city the artist composes the episodes of an infinite story, a combination of sign, color, framings, and symbolism. Up there are narrations that will probably never be fully revealed, but with the evocative power capable of crossing the boundaries of this small and singular corner of the world that helped to create them."

© Caterina Fondelli